Fix my wix website

How can we help you?

Sometimes it takes more time to fix then to start over. Show us what you did so far and we make that decision together.

We will make sure what you started will look stunning with colours, images, features and movements. Have a website like your business deserves it. 

Your site doesn't display properly? You don't know how to fix something and some things are mixed up? Let us know what drives you nuts and we'll fix it. 

Did you know you can create a database and connect it to your store or gallery? Let us show you how to display repeating items fast and easy. 



Your desktop website looks great but somehow items are not displaying properly on your mobile version? Or your site is not responsive on tablets?

We will find the reason and fix it. 


Let's get your website up and running you will be surprised how quick we can be! You've spend too much time already.